Everyone has a message but not everyone has to say it the same way.



Everyone has a message but not everyone has to say it the same way.


At Barsbank we know how important unique and engaging content is for your website and your marketing. We understand that every company is different and that the way customers perceive you is important. Our experienced copywriters can provide your company with a voice to help you to connect and build lasting relationships with your customers. We understand that the correct tone is crucial when putting your message out there, sometimes fun and lighthearted messages are perfect but other times you need a serious, down to business feel and we understand the difference.

We can align all your content so that your website, blog and social media do not vary in tone and phrasing which can become confusing to your customers while keeping all content interesting.

Content Stratgey

It is important to understand what your customers need or want to hear from you. Not all content needs to be relevant to your business however if it is not relevant it needs to serve another purpose. A great way of engaging your customers is by talking about what is currently happening in your industry. Sometimes a more personal approach can help when trying to build a relationship with your customers. Has someone new started working for you? Is someone going on maternity leave? These can be appropriate blog posts to returning and loyal customers to read. People who already have an interest in you as a brand and want to feel like you are sharing personal information will make them feel special. Are you offering new products? Is a new special offer starting this week? This is great information for social media and email marketing campaigns. These types of messages have a more business like tone and engage customers, leading them to complete conversions. Everyone has a message but not everyone has to say it the same way.

The Copywriting Process


1 Content Analysis

Barsbank’s experts will look at your current content and review the information given and the style and tone that have been used. We will then discuss with you what types of copy are needed.

2 Copy Brief

We will provide documents to define your creative direction and your content requirements.

3 Research

At Barsbank, we like to stay current with events from every industry we are involved with. We will find new topics and stories to write for you, to keep your customers up to date with your brand and industry.


All our copy and content is search engine optimised, making it easier for you to reach a higher position on search pages.

5 Sense Check

Internally we check through all content and copy to ensure that it sets the right tone for our customers and meets their brief.

6 Regular Reviews

We work with you, listening to your ideas about how you feel things are going and what you would like featuring. Our process is constantly evolving and being refined.