65% of emails are read on mobile devices. Drop targeted marketing emails and customer service messages directly into your customers pockets to keep them engaged with your brand.



65% of emails are read on mobile devices. Drop targeted marketing emails and customer service messages directly into your customers pockets to keep them engaged with your brand.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a great way of encouraging customers to interact with your brand and converse directly with your company. This builds long lasting relationships which lead to return customers and the likelihood of customer recommendations as well as reducing the costs of other marketing efforts by keeping your customers coming back directly.

At Barsbank we know that email marketing has proven extremely successful time and time again but only when used correctly. We have spent years perfecting our techniques to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service.

Approximately 95% of your customers use email and around 91% will check their email on a daily basis, that is a huge opportunity for building a good brand to customer relationship.

Targeted Email Marketing

Targeted email marketing is an even more efficient way to reach out to your customers and gives you a higher positive response rate. There is little point in emailing every person in your database when the content of your email only applies to a specific percentage of your customer base.

Targeted email marketing targets only the people that the information is relevant to, improving your click through rate and avoiding irritating your customers with irrelevant information.

The Email Marketing Process


1 Strategy

We will help devise the strategy for your email marketinging. You know your customers, we know the most successful ways to connect with them. We study your competitors and learn from their successes and failures to ensure that you have the most engaging campaign possible.

2 Copywriting

Our copywriters will write unique and engaging content for your emails, whether on a weekly basis, monthly basis or just for special offers. If you have something to say, we will find the perfect way to say it for you while remaining consitent with your brand message and tone of voice.

3 Design

Our designers and developers work tirelessly to create beautiful email campaigns that incorporate your brand images and logos in perfect balance with the information you want to give out, creating a stunning overall marketing device.

4 Develop

Compatible with all major mail clients and almost impossible to ignore. All our emails are 100% responsive because we know that 65% of emails are read on mobile devices and we don’t want your customers to miss out on all the exciting information you are trying to give them.

5 Manage Lists

We can manage your database of customers so that any information you want to release reaches those it is relevant to and surpasses those who would see it as spam. These segments evolve over time through extensive A/B split testing.

6 Detailed Reports

We will keep you informed every step of the way with detailed reports, customised to meet your needs. We will tell you which information gains the most interest and which is being overlooked. You will see exactly what we are doing for you, why, and what the results are.

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