Increase your visibility in search engines to get found by more of the right people. With in-house expertise across every digital discipline, we create tailored SEO strategies that truly deliver.



Increase your visibility in search engines to get found by more of the right people. With in-house expertise across every digital discipline, we create tailored SEO strategies that truly deliver.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines are more sophisticated than ever. Your website’s structure and content, the way you present yourself online and the way your customers interact with you all play important roles in determining where you rank in search results.

Search engines rank websites higher when they offer lots of value to users. Make happy customers online and you’ll make search engines happy too. Technical, creative and marketing input are needed to generate the kinds of signals that impact SEO.

There are many of these signals, each one evidence of value from a different perspective. As your SEO partner, our job is to create more of them by targeting your ideal customers and engaging them in a way search engines are able to recognise.

With search engines releasing frequent ‘algorithm updates’ and ‘data refreshes’, the SEO landscape can be difficult to navigate. We’re happy to be your guide. Our digital experts have a deep knowledge of SEO and multi-channel digital marketing.

White Hat SEO

It’s true that some of the old SEO ‘tricks’ do work—search engines are smart but they can still be fooled and manipulated to an extent. However, these surreptitious tactics are a very risky. If a search engine catches you doing them, they will apply a penalty against your website and your visibility in search results will suffer. Fortunately this type of ‘Black Hat’ SEO has become a dying art.

The safer, more effective way to do SEO is to facilitate online growth in a way that search engines can understand. As a rule of thumb, any digital marketing work which is done to make customers happy will help with SEO. By contrast, work done solely to please the search engines is likely to result in very little SEO benefit… or worse still could even cause irreparable damage.

This approach where the customer is put first and SEO comes second is called ‘White Hat’ SEO. We all wear white hats at Barsbank. We never create content, build a link, chase a social interaction or send out a communication unless we are sure it will add real value to your customer-base. Your long-term SEO is in safe hands with us.

The SEO Process


1 Defining Goals

Whatever your want to get from your SEO campaign; more sales, more sign-ups, more enquiries or brand lift — we can tailor the strategy to generate success according to the metrics that matter to you most.

2 Keyword Research

Choosing keywords and phrases to optimise for is not as simple as it sounds. We can unearth the least competitive phrases that are most likely to deliver relevant searchers and therefore the right kinds of customer.

3 Website Audit

Search engines need your website to be structured in a way that they can understand. Furthermore, website loading times, general design layout and the user journey can all impact SEO results.

4 Competitor Analysis

We can help you to understand what your competitors are doing with their SEO, allowing us to learn from their activity and highlight which SEO tactics are working for them and where we can gain a competitive edge.

5 Content strategy

Creating great content and promoting it in the right places is crucial to SEO success. We can help you to understand which content formats will be most effective and also how to market that content efficiently.

6 Review and evolve

The SEO landscape is always evolving. Your SEO strategy should be too. We deliver in-depth monthly reports which go beyond statistics and metrics to highlight practical insights, advice and ways to improve the strategy.

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