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Social Marketing

Social media marketing is an internet based marketing system that combines a variety of different social networking sites to achieve your branding, communication and customer base growth goals. This is a fast, cost effective way of releasing your message to the world.

Social networking sites have hundreds of millions of users worldwide, that is a huge amount of people that you could be engaging with, not only as current or prospective customers but also as a free brand building and customer relations tool. You post some information, ten people repost it, then five of each of their followers repost it and so on, that is an enormous reach with barely any cost or effort on your part. Not only does your message get out there but you can now build a community of followers that will share your information, products or services for free.

Why Use Social Marketing

Almost one in four people around the globe use social media which makes social media marketing a very effective tool for reaching your current and prospective customer base. Not only does social media marketing give you environmentally friendly, comparatively inexpensive way of communicating with your customers, it also takes some of the weight off your shoulders as they are doing a lot of the work for you. The point of social media marketing is that your company puts the message out there and your customers “Like”, share, “retweet” and comment on your posts which spreads the word for you, giving you a much further reach with much less cost or effort. At Barsbank we have the expertise to give you, our customers, the best possible social media marketing campaign.

The Social Marketing Process



At Barsbank we have a dedicated team of copywriters to write and manage any blog content for you. We can write blog articles, fun posts and company updates.


We can write and post in a style that suits you be that formal or informal, advertising, special offers or information as often as you need them. All the while helping to shape and grow your brand message.


We will provide a steady stream of posts on any social media platform you want including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These can be on a daily or weekly basis or just when you need them


We can advise you about the most productive way of running your own social media campaigns. We can work together on the best way to put your message out to your customers.

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